Who am I talking to?


As I’m writing these, reading them over, editing, and publishing… It sounds like I’m talking to someone. Or myself. Which is entirely possible. Maybe I’ve got some Inside Out thing going on where my different emotions are talking to each other.

I’ll probably spend the rest of my life getting to know exactly who I’m trying to help, what they like, what they’re good at, what they want out of life… But at this early point in my journey I’m going to take a stab at describing what I think I know about them and because I love handy dandy worksheets, I’m going to use this article on finding your ideal client from RKA INK to help with this.

Side note: I hope this doesn’t look like I’m plagiarizing content. Right now I’m using this site as an actual journal. A collection of the things I find that are helping me. Maybe in the future I’ll need to edit or remove things.

Have to start by naming them so here’s their bio: Cameron is young in spirit, which may or may not match their age. Like anyone else, there’s something in their past or current timeline that’s making things difficult. Maybe it’s fear, pain, inexperience, discrimination, or even just boredom.

What makes Cameron feel SO good they want to tell the world and share that goodness? Learning new things that are not only easily accessible, but can start having some type of impact very quickly on improving their life or the lives of others. Having that thing be open-ended, challenging, with the ability to grow it as far as they need or want is also very exciting.

How does Cameron describe feeling down? Words don’t come easy. Feelings might come out in tears or angry outbursts or art. Pain may be translated with a handmade comic book or the way they treat themselves. Fear could be seen through the way they design an outfit or make-up. Cameron may not even notice this at first.

What could Cameron go on and on about? Often times Cameron can be rather quiet. But once they get started talking about automated systems, new ideas that turn old ideas on their head, a single thing that can be used in multiple – or infinite! – ways, they just can’t stop! Another topic of conversation could be unlocking something inside themselves. Finally seeing how the path they’ve been wondering was actually going somewhere.

Cameron might suddenly shout out “AMEN!” when I say… There’s a million different reasons why something is holding each of us back because there’s a million different types of people out there. If we can look inside ourselves we might see what it is and then begin to move around it. We can’t simply follow what this person says or what that person did. Just because it worked for them doesn’t automatically mean it’ll work for everyone. But by knowing ourselves better, we can still get some value from those things they are doing.

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